Five Top-Notch Search Engine Optimization Strategies

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Search Engine Optimization Strategies

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Search Engine Optimization Strategies are essential to the success of your website and, therefore, your company. SEO is an important part of any online marketing strategy and can help both customers and prospects find you when searching for related products and services.

A solid SEO strategy can also complement other areas of digital marketing. With the holidays around the corner, let’s take a moment to look at your Search Engine Optimization Strategies. Are they right – or are they wrong?

Search Engine Optimization Strategies

Using Keywords Properly: Right!

Despite ongoing changes in the formula used by Google and Bing to organize search directories, using smart keywords will remain a top-notch SEO strategy. However, the process of using keywords has changed. In easier days, developers could stuff websites with keywords and appear atop search engine results, regardless of context. Now, this practice (known as “keyword stuffing”) can have your website severely penalized.

Instead, you should focus on keyword topics. Show your audience that your website is relevant. Think about how you’d search for your product or service. You might not type “Auto Detailing Dallas” into your search bar. Instead, you might type “Car Wash Near Me.” In order to accommodate for these searches, you’ll want to have topic pages that associate these keywords with your website.

Another no-no? Writing pages for search engines rather than searchers. Google and Bing are improving their formula, making it easier to judge websites based on whether or not they can be understood by regular users. Make your content clear, actionable, and useful. This ties into the Common-Sense Tactics we’ll discuss later.

Focusing on Keyword Reports: Wrong!

Far too many businesses focus solely on keyword reports rather than the big picture. Measure only the metrics that matter in terms of your specific SEO Campaign. This could include the number of people visiting your website or the number of people converting after finding you on search engines.

You should never place too much emphasis on keyword reports alone. Many of them are overstuffed with metrics that don’t focus on your bottom line. After all, the point is to earn more customers and – in turn – more money. Don’t lose sight of the big picture.

Employing a Well-Rounded Marketing Strategy – Right!

If you focus solely on Search Engine Optimization Strategies and expect immediate results, you’ll be sorely disappointed. You need to spread your focus to other marketing strategies like social media pages, directory listings, and business cards.

A good SEO strategy will take time to gain traction. Days, weeks, or months could pass before you see a significant improvement in your bottom line. Give search engines an opportunity to crawl your website and make updates by pairing your Search Engine Optimization Strategies with a well-rounded marketing program.

Search Engine Optimization StrategiesBeing Inconsistent – Wrong!

When you start using Search Engine Optimization Strategies, take a moment to ensure your business information is consistent across the web. When your business name, address, and phone number are displayed inconsistently, potential customers are confused – and so are search engines. If your information is stored in multiple different places, match these platforms with the data presented on your website.

You should consistently update and check this information via Google and Bing by searching for your business name, since certain websites may post listings for your company without asking. These websites will often edit your information if you provide revisions.

Relying on Common Sense Tactics – Right!

Search engines like Google and Bing created algorithms to organize the internet. The intention was to place authority websites (those with the most useful information) at the top. The very concept of SEO focuses on quality websites and businesses that offer real, tangible services.

The easiest way to organize effective Search Engine Optimization Strategies? Create a website that you’d want to visit yourself. Cheating the system is like placing a self-destruct button on your website. The moment Google or Bing push that button, you’ll have to start over.

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