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Quality Content will always remain important because without the content you will not be able to ranks on Google. Though Pinterest and Instagram both provide an almost content-free platform, quality content is needed for most platforms that will help your business rank online. Of course, you must include graphics, photos, or videos to get the readers attention.

Relevant Website content and informative articles are one of the only ways to rank higher on search engines (Google) organically.  Social Media Posts, News-Emails, and various other factors can also make a huge difference.  When WordPress sites are correctly coded and tagged, they can be extremely helpful in displaying your website on the 1st page versus the 10th page on Google.Blogging should be done consistently and relevant to the current season or year. You would think that this is self-explanatory, but to our surprise, it is not. Too often DGM Global’s team is charged with updating and maintaining an old website only to find that the site has never been coded and contains content that was relevant in 2010.


Content Writing Services by DGM Global Marketing Solutions

Most American owned and operated companies charge between $75 to $150 per article depending on industry and text length. (500-word average).
Some companies offer monthly packages that include blogs. However, the latest trend is charging business owners per hour, which is even more costly than per article. DGM Global Marketing will discuss their service fees and services available at the time of the meeting. The Writing Team at DGM Global consists of local individuals only. For specialty articles, blogs or website content, the owner Ellen J. Jackson is known to take over the project.

No Wonder Big Companies Invest in Full-Time Content Writers

Content writing is frequently outsourced to other countries, which can be less costly,  but also less effective. Most of the time the outsourced articles lack original content have to be edited extensively. They also lack the local feel. This originality is needed to captivate the reader’s attention. A lot   of Graphics, pictures, videos and little idea blogs are the way of “Now and the Future.”
Let’s face it if you are an Atlanta Blogger it will be much easier to write about current weather conditions and traffic on 285, 75 or 400 than if you reside in the Philippines. Yes, all that information can be googled for the writer’s convenience, yet it very rarely hits the mark.


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To add quality content to your articles or pages means a better chance for search engines to show your content (website or article) to the end user. Your article or page content will now be one of the choices presented to the potential consumer searching for your service. Google Local has become a must have for all businesses with storefronts and even the local service industry can benefit from Google’s push to promote local companies. In the end, it is all about the end user and A & B Testing has proven over and over again that the user experience determines the outcome. Google + is Google’s Social Media version and a great platform that allows you to share your articles and connect with others. Google Hangouts is available on Chrome.

CALL TO ACTION? IS THAT NEEDED?Content Writing Services by Ellen Jeanette Jackson Founder/ Business Consultant

Yes. Make sure to add a “Call to Action” to your article or page.  Call Today -Contact Us –  Book An Appointment, you get the point. Call To Action is important for potential consumers to consider doing business with you.

If you want them to drive to your store, please add your address and hours of operation and connect a link to WAZE or Google Maps for easy navigation. Have you ever searched for a phone number, submit form or email and could not find it on the website or blog.  It is annoying and will certainly drive you to click on the next site offering the same service or product. The perfect marriage is very obvious and consists of useful information with great graphics and videos +  relevant easy to read content. We hope to gain the opportunity to speak with you about creating your content. Articles and Blogs, as well as Website Content Creation, is one of DGM Global’s services.


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