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Content Writing Solutions In Atlanta

Quality Content for Websites has become one of the only ways to rank higher organically, along with Social Media, Newsletters and a few other factors such as great onsite links.
So here is the deal….
Blog 3 times per week.
( If you have time).


Content writing can be costly and time consuming. Depending on research needed and industry it can take an expert writer a few hours to produce a quality blog.

Most american owned and operated companies charge between $25.00 to $50.00 per short article depending on industry and text length.
Some companies offer monthly packages that include blogs, however the latest trend is charging business owners per hour, which is even more costly than per blog.
No wonder medium size companies often invest in full-time content writers.

Yes a lot of foreign companies offer content writing, but many times the articles are missing the local feel and lack the originality needed to captivate the readers attention and even once edited and corrected are not the best blogs.
Lets face it, if you live in Atlanta and not any other place it will be much easier to write about current weather conditions and traffic on 285, 75 or 400.

To load your site up with quality content will cause the search-engines /spiders and robots to be interested in serving your Website and you should rank higher.

According to this info, the average small business should spend between $350-$450.00 per month minimum in quality content to increase conversion.




55 Tips to better SEO is a great article and full of relevant info.

Are you willing to invest?
PPC has always been deemed expensive and not as effective when no other methods are implemented, however, this information clearly shows the amount of work that has to be put in to a site to have great organic ranking consistently, may cost more in the end.

The perfect marriage is obvious and consists of a great website with easy Navigation, even better content, SEO, Social Media, and PPC ( or local Adwords Express for store fronts).

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