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DGM Global Marketing Solutions offers Custom Website Solutions

We offer the Custom Website Solutions to our clients as part of our services, and welcome new clients that retain us for marketing. Our Goal is to provide effective long term solutions. To provide additional options we partnered with our WordPress website business hosting & security company. Our team at DGM Global Marketing Solutions provides site protection for all sites hosted through us. We are able to purchase SSL certificates as well as other widgets and plug-ins to assure site security for online stores and/ or sites accepting secure information and payments for online business transactions.


According to Wikipedia the term responsive is explained as follows: 

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a Web Design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors).

Every day the number of devices and browsers that are being utilized to find and look at websites grow. Responsive Web Design represents a change in how to build websites in the future. Responsive web design is the process of building a website that adapts to the user instead of making the user adapt to it. Depending on the kind of device the website is being viewed with, the site itself will display very differently.  When viewing the site on a smart phone the consumer will now have the ability to  see the same content ( most content )  that someone viewing it on a laptop will see.

Why Responsive Web Design?  

With the inflated and forever growing  number of web browsers, formats and dimensions in which they are displayed, depending on the device being used, static design layouts are now becoming outdated and will eventually not be enough anymore. To accommodate the growing amount of savvy consumers, from the basic computer desktops and popular tablets, to mobile devices and tv/game console browsers, there is a  need for a layout that is simply responsive for all of the devices and companies. Let us not even begin to talk about  Apple/ Mac  device users,  compared to PC users.

Responsive WordPress Website Design in Atlanta, New York and Beverly Hills


User Experience:

Website adjusts to any screen size, which is a perfect long-term solution to users. With the current  influx of devices (including mobile/tablet hybrids). Hiding portions which aren’t needed for mobile visitors helps to achieve their need faster and assists in serving proper content for mobile and tablet users. We all know that if we are out and on the phone that we might have limited time and want to find what we are looking for fast.


One complete view without confusing sub domains for all the traffic to your website. When Google gets insights on traffic from visitors to a mobile only site, it will create a “mobile” portion ( section)  in your Analytics Account. Using Responsive Web Design will allow all traffic data to be consolidated in one place.



Because there is only one URL that accumulates all links, Page Rank/ Authority and so on, it is far more useful to you in terms of generating traffic than to have your SEO efforts spread across multiple versions of your website. Responsive Web Design makes the entire process much more efficient.

One Design three Websites:

Using responsive design instead of building 3 Websites to fit  Full Screen, Tablet and Mobile Devices will achieve cost savings after the project is completed. Initial cost may be the same or higher, however there will be only one hosting fee and one site to maintain.  Instead of starting up three separate projects, you are investing in one project that effectively covers all your business and the end users needs.


If you are an existing client interested in converting your current platform to the responsive site platform, simply contact us at You can also call us at 404-735-1277, we are Atlanta based but can and will work virtually for clients in the USA.