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Ellen Jeanette Jackson

Ellen Jeanette Jackson is the President of DGM Global Marketing Solutions and is a former Nurse that worked with a renown Plastic Surgeon in Savannah Georgia. She traded the OR and became a business woman specializing in creating innovative marketing solutions for privately owned small companies.  Ellen has worked in various areas in the US for fortune 500 companies, such as Berkshire Hathaway and AT& T Advertising & Publishing, holding leadership positions in sales organizations, improving their bottomline.

Content Writing has become a big part of DGM’S services as it has become an essential part of online advertising. She is intuitive and innovative when it comes to identifying and finding solutions to improve processes and building infrastructures.

DGM Global Marketing & Business Solutions has evolved into a full service consulting firm, offering business solutions beyond the basics; sales improvement, marketing, branding, and advertising. Consulting & coaching business owners and their employees is now a big part of Ms. Jackson’s daily agenda.