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In more pragmatic terms, coaching is a way to get things done through communicating with a purpose of action. Anyone seeking an improved performance in any area of their business(or life) can benefit from coaching.

The first step is always to identify potential obstacles, such as: lack of preparation, follow through, or lack of skill for assigned tasks at hand. Not understanding and lack of know how, can cause unnecessary stress in employees and leadership, which often causes time management issues  and further obstacles.
The job of a coach is to remove obstacles while providing effective solutions.
Though the definition of coaching covers a broad arena, here it implies that even though breakthrough improvement must come from within the individual; EFFECTIVE COACHING IS THE KEY TO UNLOCKING THE ABILITY TO SUCCEED AND PROVIDING RESULTS.

The responsibilities of a coach is to improve day to day business operations by putting an emphasis on communication, commitment, and action.


Services include:

  • Setting goals for business owners and employees.
  • Teaching how to effectively communicate expectations to employees daily
  • Providing direction and removing barriers by identifying solutions
  • Encouraging employees to focus attention and improve efforts.
  • Measuring improvement and overall progress
  • Interviewing new potential employees
  • Setting standards of results and holding business employees, as well as owners accountable for results.
  • One on one coaching as well as group coaching services
  • Facilitate Staff Meetings

To guarantee MAXIMUM results clients must remain in direct contact with DGM Global Marketing & Business Solutions and keep an open line of communication during the duration of the agreement.