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We have been in business since 2011 and we look forward to answering any questions or concerns you might have. We are a boutique consulting firm with a concentration in improving processes in the area of sales &  marketing. We assist in developing effective strategies for small to medium size companies. Feel free to browse our website, to find out more about our extensive list of services. From consulting to leadership to employee training. We specialize in online marketing, graphic design, and branding. We can provide useful up to date solutions. DGM Global Marketing Solutions offers contract negotiations with third-party vendors.  By allowing DGM Global Marketing Solutions to handle all vendor contract negotiations as it relates to branding, marketing and sales, you, can focus on your business. You can rest assured that you are getting the best possible pricing and shorter contract terms.


DGM Global Marketing & Business Solutions

  • Ellen, Thank you for such inspiring quotes on your page. I started my own business very recently-startup- and I after viewing all of the inspirational quotes & seeing how great your company has spun out, I am reminded of who I am & what I want. I know that it will take time & perseverance, but weren't we trained by the best. Besides, we all had each other! Again, thank you for the call to reality my friend.

    T. Thomas

  • DGM Global has directed the process of all my marketing and advertising for the past 6  years and has done a fine job. My business has grown tremendously. I entrust her with many other responsibilities. My personal adviser to some degree. Her Flat Fee System is great.
     She has implemented strategy and employed third party vendors that are experts in their field, to assure our long-term success. CONSULTING & COACHING AT ITS BEST! I highly recommend DGM to any small business owner that wants to improve their sales results and see an overall growth in their business.

    - LinkedIn

  • I had the pleasure of working with this company in the past. She is dedicated and knowledgeable as well as very experienced. I appreciated her efforts and saw a huge difference in my online presence during the time I worked with this company. I highly recommend Ellen Jeanette Jackson and her company to anyone who needs assistance and direction with their business.August 2014 - Google

  • I am so happy that we hired this company to assist with our initial Business Launch/ Online Store and more importantly for consulting us on how we should brand my new business venture. From Social Media infrastructure to being able to identify opportunity as well as providing professional photography services along with setting up my online store. I am so happy that a Plastic Surgeon recommends Ellen J. Jackson to assist us with everything. A one-stop shop for a small to medium size business. They are actually ahead of schedule as far as our Phase I is concerned. The concierge at its finest!! Always available for our needs. Returns phone calls and emails within 24 hours or less.I will continue to promote and write about this company as I am extremely impressed thus far. 

    - LinkedIn



DGM Global Marketing Solutions Ellen Jeanette Jackson

Ellen Jeanette Jackson – Owner – Management Consultant

We have partnered up with a few local companies and individuals to better assist our clients. is our choice for WordPress hosting and security. Since we prefer to work with WordPress, we utilize Call Rail for effective call tracking, and we utilize our own analytics platform. DGM Global Marketing Solutions offers services such as local SEO through content-driven articles.Social Media, Local Google Business Optimation. Campaign driven Lead Pages. We analyze data and fin tune as needed by measuring results.  Tying it all together without completely automating is the key. The single most important component to building effective marketing is to understand the business. My team and I are involved in the day to day operations, creating Newsletters and postings from the location, and we specialize strictly in small firms, local storefronts, and medical offices.

All Graphics are purchased and licensed to protect you and us.All Graphic  Design is individualized for the specific Branding needs. We work on various social media platforms and online portals and measure and deliver results. We offer flat fees for all of our services, so you will know ahead of time what to expect. No surprises. All additional projects such as initial setup or revamping an existing word press site, employee coaching, phone etiquette training, or any additional irregular services will always be agreed upon by us first prior to the work being started.  We area personalized technology friendly company, but we recognize the need for concierge service and take over where you can’t. We can deal with existing vendors and online directory commitments and manage those for you. We also assist with contract negotiation and bring valuable relationships to the table. We have little turnover and are specific with the requirements as it relates to taking new clients as we build ongoing relationships.  We only offer a few products and service that do not require us to work together for a lengthy time. We prefer help you build your business and ultimately become part of your team.  All Social Media set up, design, and management is completed in-house. We work with various social-media platforms measure and deliver results. we offer flat fees for all of our services, so you will know ahead of time what to expect. No surprises. All additional project work such as employee coaching, phone etiquette training, and other irregular charges will always be agreed upon by us first. To contact us directly you can email us to or submit an appointment request.  We look forward to hearing from you.



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